OUT & ABOUT | Afternoon Tea at The Brown Palace

Afternoon Tea at The Brown Palace

I’m just in love with the idea of afternoon tea.  Taking tea just seems so sophisticated and classy.  Maybe it’s because I watch way too many British mysteries but even as a little girl I remember having tea parties with friends, or my mom or in the event of no RSVPs I’d be taking tea with a couple of dolls.  I even had my own full set of miniature china that my Grandma gave me. Fast forward to the present when recently Sarah and I were brainstorming on fun ideas for Mother’s Day and the idea of an afternoon tea popped into my head. It would be perfect! Sarah and I would host our own fabulous Morpha Life afternoon tea party. (more…)

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DIVE IN | Brewery Bar Cinco De Mayo

IMG_1790 Are you looking for a fun place to hang out this Cinco De Mayo? Well if you’re here in Denver and craving some good old fashion Mexican food in a neighborhood bar setting, then you must check out one of Brewery Bar’s three locations in Denver, Lone Tree and Aurora, Colorado. Brewery Bar is a fantastic local hang out with strong Denver roots and the perfect “CHEERS” atmosphere to get your party on properly! (more…)

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EAT ME | Healthy Shrimp and Sausage Skewers


Healthy Shrimp and Sausage Skewers

Grilling season is finally here and I was so excited to break out the charcoal and the grill to whip up these healthy shrimp and sausage skewers. With Summer just around the corner Sarah and I have both been coming up with some healthy but still totally scrumptious recipes to incorporate into our daily diets. These kabobs are not only super healthy but also very easy to prepare. I paired these skewers with my Spanish style brown rice which is simply brown rice, sliced green olives and chopped roasted red peppers all straight from the pantry with absolutely NO fat and trust me you will never even miss it. (more…)

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NAILING IT | Easy Spring Nail Art!

IMG_9907Spring has sprung my friends! It’s time for bright colors, floral prints and getting girly! The birds are chirping, tulips are blooming and I am feeling inspired. Spring is my favorite season because of the drastic change from Winter. The weather and the color scheme go from one extreme to another and in honor of this magnificent seasonal shift, we came up with this bright, floral, easy spring inspired nail look. (more…)

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FASHION FRIDAY | Black and White Stripe Dress

Black and White Stripe Dress

Black and white have been all over the runways this Spring and you just can’t go wrong with this combination! One of my favorite black and white looks is the classic black and white stripe.  Wide stripes, skinny stripes, purses, dresses and shoes, so many options and all of them just so classic and clean.  However, if I had to pick my favorite way to wear black and white stripes it would have to be a sexy little black and white stripe dress. (more…)

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EAT ME | Simple Hummus Recipe


Yeah yeah Summer is just around the corner so now it’s time to eat freaking veggies and salads and be a “good girl.” But that doesn’t mean it has to be bland right?!? My new favorite breakfast is hummus and toast. That may not sound that exciting or yummy but I swear it is. It’s crunchy, creamy, toasty, satisfying, filling and damn tasty! And as an extra bonus this breakfast is packed full of whole grains and protein which give you the energy you need to start your day off right. (more…)

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RETAILER SPOTLIGHT | Rags Consignments


We were so excited recently when we received an invite to the new Rags Consignments location in Denver. Rags Consignments is a high end consignment shop headquartered

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in Boulder, Colorado. If you follow this blog then you are probably aware that I’m a total sucker for high fashion. My fashion day dreams are filled with Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Burberry coats and Jimmy Choo shoes and boots. Unfortunately due to my budget, my reality is filled with Express, H&M, TJ Maxx and DSW shoes and boots. So you can imagine just how excited I was to check out the new Denver Rags Consignments location.


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EAT ME | Leftover Corned Beef and Cabbage Eggs Benedict


Leftover Corned Beef Eggs Benedict! Freaking delicious!

Okay… so I always make too much food and after this St. Patty’s Day I had a bunch of leftover corned beef. I get so sick and tired of the same ole leftovers and I wanted to come up with something different. Why not make breakfast out of this feast. First thing that came to mind was Eggs Benedict. I’ll be the first to admit that I have never poached an egg or made Eggs Benedict. LIGHT BULB moment new blog post! I have to tell you guys this came out so good. Keep reading for the details! (more…)

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Hangover Cure in 10 Simple Steps!

Hangover 2

Well today is St. Patty’s day and a few of us may be waking up with a hangover in the morning. Over indulgence is never a good thing but it sure can be damn fun. Hey, there is no better day to get sloppy drunk somewhere, especially because everyone else will be sloppy drunk so you don’t have to be too embarrassed by your behavior. That being said, you may regret it when you feel that little leprechaun dancing a jig on your brain and the piercing remnants of that howling bag piper causing your eyes to water. Here are a few tips we searched the internet for to help make your morning after a little easier. There is no guarantee that these tips will work for you but if they do hallelujah!!!  (more…)

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GREEN GODDESS | Spring Gardening Checklist

Spring Gardening Checklist

Ahhhh…Spring is just around the corner.  A couple of my perennials have started blooming and I’m just itching for the Tulips I planted last Fall to sprout from the ground.  The warm weather has me day dreaming of spending tons of time in the backyard lounging, grilling and of course working in my garden because lord knows it does require quite a bit of work.


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