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Afternoon Tea at The Brown Palace

I’m just in love with the idea of afternoon tea.  Taking tea just seems so sophisticated and classy.  Maybe it’s because I watch way too many British mysteries but even as a little girl I remember having tea parties with friends, or my mom or in the event of no RSVPs I’d be taking tea with a couple of dolls.  I even had my own full set of miniature china that my Grandma gave me. Fast forward to the present when recently Sarah and I were brainstorming on fun ideas for Mother’s Day and the idea of an afternoon tea popped into my head. It would be perfect! Sarah and I would host our own fabulous Morpha Life afternoon tea party.

Once the afternoon tea party idea was sparked, Sarah and I were both bubbling over with ideas.  We eagerly searched Pinterest for tea party recipes and decorations and slowly started to put together our own ideas for hosting a perfectly elegant afternoon tea for a couple of girlfriends.  But first we wanted to experience what is known as the finest afternoon tea experience in Denver at the historic Brown Palace Hotel.

Afternoon Tea at The Brown Palace

From the first moment you enter the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.  Sure you still have your modern amenities like the coffee shop in the entrance, but overall the Brown Palace’s appearance and decor is certainly reminiscent of the hotel’s turn of the 20th century beginnings.  The hotel was built in 1892 and is still considered one of the finest hotels in all of Denver. The Brown Palace has a rich history of providing high class accommodations for many a high profile guest over the years including the Beatles and pretty much every sitting president since Teddy Roosevelt back in 1905.  For more interesting facts visit the Brown Palace website fun facts page.

One darker fact you will not find on the Brown Palace website is that the Brown Palace was the sight of a scandalous love triangle murder in 1911. Two suiters of a hot little Denver socialite got into a quarrel that ended with one of the suiters killing the other as well as an innocent bystander right in the bar.  Rumor has it that the ghost of the socialite’s murdered lover haunts the hallways of the Brown Palace to this day.  Actually I’m not sure about that last part but it sure sounds good!

Anyway, on to the actual Afternoon Tea at the Brown Palace. The Brown Palace Signature Tea includes pastries, scones with devonshire cream and preserves, a variety of tea sandwiches as well as your choice from a fine selection of teas.  If you’d like a glass a champaign with your tea then you can upgrade to the Royal Palace option.  Since Sarah and I didn’t have any other plans for the day, we decided to kick back and enjoy a glass of bubbly with our afternoon tea.

Everything was absolutely delicious. And let me tell you this meal may look light, but trust us this afternoon tea was pure decadence.  The tea and bubbly were the only things light on the table. The scones were rich and buttery and when toped with a nice smear of devonshire cream and preserves, it was near perfection. For those of you not familiar with Devonshire cream, it is also known by the much less elegant name, clotted cream.  Clotted cream is very similar to butter in that they are both made from cream.  However, clotted cream is made by heating milk until a thick layer of cream forms on top, versus butter which is made by churning the cream resulting in a slightly different flavor. As you can see from this picture, the Brown Palace serves up a very generous portion of this traditional accompaniment to scones imported straight from the mother country.

Everything at the Brown Palace seems rich and traditional and the tea sandwiches were no exception.  The sandwiches were the traditional assortment of cucumber, tuna and egg salad, rich and creamy with mayonnaise, seasoned perfectly and an absolute pleasure for the taste buds.  If you read the fine print on the menu you’ll be in on a little secret that a lot of people aren’t aware of, the Afternoon Tea at the Brown Palace includes a complementary second round of sandwiches upon request.  Afternoon Tea at the Brown Palace doesn’t come cheap so even if you are not hungry, you better get all your money’s worth and take those babies home for a little midnight snack!

Sarah and I throughly enjoyed our Afternoon Tea at the Brown Palace. Just the experience of sitting in the elegant dining area under this stunning atrium, while listening to a pianist tickle the ivories of the grand piano was an experience to be had.  Top that with the rich food and champaign and we were both as happy as can be!  We would highly recommend you try to get a seat with a good view of the tea area so you can experience all the decor to the fullest.

Afternoon Tea at the Brown Palace starts at $32 per person (and that doesn’t even include the bubbly!) so it’s definitely more of a special occasion type of thing.  And like we mentioned previously, the food is very rich so I’m not even trying to eat like that everyday. So for our Morpha Life afternoon tea party we decided to try to keep a little lighter and a whole lot cheaper!    We can’t wait to share all the pictures, recipes and decoration ideas shortly, so check back soon for all the details!

Afternoon Tea at The Brown PalaceAfternoon Tea at The Brown PalaceAfternoon Tea at The Brown PalaceAfternoon Tea at The Brown Palace


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      Thanks Carlsa! Stay tuned for the Morpha Life Afternoon Tea Party post coming soon!

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